Tears for Fears

this site is dedicated to my love and loyalty to the band tears for fears. if you don't like it/them....well too damn bad. i have various sections.

1.) the albums and mix CDs of tears for fears
2.) the start
3.) the success
4.) the break
5.) the comeback
6.) Curt Smith: singer, songwriter, bassist (pictures)
7.) Roland Orzabal: singer, songwriter, guitars, keyboards/programming (pictures)
8.) the group of Tears for Fears (pictures)


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find what you want with the table of contents up here ^^^. indicated by the chapter number at the beggining of each post. scroll down a bit and u MUST click on "March 2005" or "November 2004" down under the archives section. ignore the dates on these, they arent correct, we had to put them that way so they would show up the way we wanted them to.



Mad World a Tears for Fears fan group ran by
Gemma "Orzabal" French and Tasha "Smith" Babrahani

Tears For Fears Official UK Website for the Everybody Loves A Happy Ending Album

Tears For Fears Official Website for the Everybody Loves A Happy Ending Album

Curt Smith

S&Bs Tears for Fears Archive

Memories Fade a Tears for Fears Archive

The Fantastic Tears for Fears Page

The Official Tears for Fears Fan Site

The German Tears for Fears page

Contact Us....questions, comments, or just to chat about the greatest band ever.

hi. my name is samantha. i am the owner of the tears for fears website. i am 15. if you need to contact me IM me on AIM instant messenger @ tears4fears91802 or email me at
note: the *lyrics* section of this site, may not be correct. i got these links from websites with these lyrics. the lyrics COULD BE and MAY BE incorrect. i appologize. if you have any other questions or comment reguarding tears for fears song lyrics, or me or *donyoguy* on AIM instant messenger. (hes the only other person in the world who knows more about tears for fears than i do.) lol, oh and be sure to visit his website, talk to you soon!
you don't give me love,

Hey.My name is Katie and I am 17 years old. I am a very big Tears for Fears fan. I have only really known them for about 4 months but that was enough time for me to become fascinated. My screen name is Luvinfrd203 so talk 2 me if you want.
*By the way Sam should get all of the credit for this wonderful website*